I’m still here – Day 01

So there we were, 21st of September of 2017, finishing everything to be able to receive our guests by 6pm.

I was nervous, even though no one believed it, but I wanted everything to be right, I have to say that shoot, edit, printing sessions, design the installation ( which was 3D), find and acquire extra props, host and sell was quite a bit of work, on top of everything else I do but, not impossible.

The idea was that people would be able to travel around the photos as everything was hang from the ceiling, also I arranged some destroyed props together with some bushes brought from the Californian desert to compose the space a bit more, making it a bit more immersive still considering the limitations we’ve had.



Oh yeah and the handsomeness in the end is Oscar

The opening night was fun and I was filled with joy to see my friends and some complete strangers coming over to see, talk about and purchase the work

A lot of the work was sold and there are still a few prints up for grabs.

I was lucky enough to attract a lot of interest and get the work published in a few magazines in London and Paris.

If you want to see the series please check here, and if you want to purchase it get in touch so we can discuss



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