I’m still here – Prep

So last year the guys Bonds Hackney asked if I wanted to use their space to put up a show, the deadline was quite tight so I would have less than a month to have everything printed, framed, all the PR, installations and everything set for the opening, which happened on the 21st pf September last year.

That’s when I went to Labyrinth Photographic to sit with John and discuss prints, everything they print over there is made straight from the negative, instead of digital prints.

You should definitely look into the work they do as is quite extraordinary, I can’t thank them enough for how much I’ve learnt and how much I’m still learning every time I pay them a visit ( which is sort of 1x week)

Because I have a day job as a producer we’ve had to run a few late nights to make it work, there are a few quick story videos below where you can see John in action.

Luckily he will never find this blog as if he does he might kill me 😉


And another quick one while we were working on one of the main prints of the exhibition.






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