I’m Still here – more behind the scenes


Backing up my phone I found a few more “behind the scenes” from while I was shooting, to printing and before putting the installation up, also one of the things I did was to create a soundtrack for the exhibition date, which I would like to share.

Maybe it will motivate you to grab a camera and get out there in the world with your friends documenting something that’s dear and near to your heart.



This one is the memorial of Mary Lou Sullivan, which is my favourite photo in the whole series, shot with an iPhone



This sign is on the left hand side of the Salvation Mountain, if you carry on driving via that road you will end up in Slab City.


Detail of one of the abandoned houses in Bombay Beach


This is me, hi!


Panoramic shot of the Salvation Montain


My autograph on a note of Brazilian Real at the Ski Inn, which is a gem lost in Bombay Beach.

The whole place is covered in dollar bills people leave with their signatures.


Some test – prints, both originals 30×40 inches and sold on the opening night.


The full image, also 30x40inches.


Window sign at Bonds, where the exhibition took place


Some of the smaller prints, all A4 size framed in an unsanded oak tailor-made frames.

The 2 bottom ones were also sold during the 1st weekend, the top ones are still up for grabs.


Mini-polaroid I took when received the smaller prints.

Photo on 09-09-2017 at 08.01

and me holding the mini-polaroid…

I believe that’s all.

As promised here’s the exhibition soundtrack, hope you’ll enjoy it x


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