The Film Gang

Something I believe I never mentioned, probably only to a few people who know me, was the fact that I spent 4 years not shooting anything, maybe something with my phone here and there but no substantial or even creative work.

It was a strange hiatus and, even though that every time I think of it I beat myself up thinking that I could be “4 years better”, I also have moments where I think that it happened because there was no other way for that to not happen.

So when I finally started to shoot again I’ve had the idea to create a little online community trying to bring analogue photographers together.

I started researching on social media and found a lot of people who are still die hard film shooters and the feeling was awesome.

There were some conversations with friends and the few people who knew really pushed me forward to get it done, it didn’t need much to be honest but was nice to have some support.

That’s when The Film Gang was born.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 18.33.02

A channel dedicated exclusively to film photography.

It’s amazing the amount of amazing work and how much I’ve learnt talking with so many different people using some crazy techniques, odd cameras, films I’ve never heard of from all over the world.

The short term plan only includes publishing people’s submissions which always consist on:

Camera used

Film used


And Instagram handle

If life allows me I’ll carry on with the master plan of transforming it into a broader search and research platform, we’ll see… for now let’s keep the fun going.

Thank you so much to everyone who belie and support myself and everyone who’s doing the same as me hoping to keep film alive.






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