OFF THE CLOCK Exhibition – Los Angeles 2018

I received an email the night before my birthday saying that some of my work got chosen by Laurie Kratochvil (Rolling Stone, In Style, LA Times) to be part of a collective exhibition supported by the APA. during MOPLA in Los Angeles.



I went back to sleep but it was quite tricky as , being a producer, I started thinking logistics and how to make it work considering I wouldn’t be able to be present during the printing process.

The turnaround was tight and would be close to impossible to get everything handprinted in London and ship it to LA risk free, so I decided to contact Icon in LA to get the job done.

Everything went well, thanks to a little help from my friends who supported me overseeing the final print, while I was on the phone with them + getting it delivered.

So I flew to LA for the opening, which was great.

The opening was a very interesting night, where I managed to have some very rich conversations with other photographers and some of the invited attendees.




This is me being a nerd as usual.



This exhibition, flying around thing can be quite addictive, also it works as a massive incentive for me to keep pushing it forward more and more.

Thanks for watching.



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